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Who We Are

It is the mission of Nursing Bridges Institute to educate and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals to become scientist, critical thinkers, innovators, humanitarians and leaders who are compassionate; and will utilize their knowledge and skills to effectively rise-up and meet the critical challenges facing global health care. We believe that for a healthcare professional to be well educated, he/she must possess sound knowledge of physical sciences, social sciences, and other foundational courses that serve as solid foundation upon which to build further knowledge. 


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A Few Words About

Our Team

Dedicated team of experienced professors and professionals whose primary goal is your success. 

“It is our belief that every aspiring healthcare professional deserve a chance to succeed and our unwavering devotion to our students not only benefit the students but also benefits the healthcare community as a whole”.

Simon Itaman PhD RN


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We are delighted to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals who embody their role in acute and community care settings

Our faculty is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be teachers who are compassionate, culturally competent and uphold professional values

Nursing Bridges Institute accepts responsibility for personal and professional development.